Book Buddies is a joint reading project between the Arnold Public School and the Rotary Club.  It started for second graders but has grown to include preschool children.  The Rotarians consider this as one of their favorite projects.

Every year, the Rotarians buy a book for all children in preschool and in second grade.  Mrs. Moninger, the school librarian, with the help of the classroom teachers, selects a book based on the interest of each child.  The Rotary Club buys the books.

Then, the Rotarians meet with each class to hand out the books and read aloud to the students.  This year Rotarians Becky Dailey, Ali Goodenow, Karen Hough, Val Daly, Lana Day, Buzz Lohmiller, and Mary Becker read aloud with the students in their classrooms.  Each child received his/her book, learned a little about Rotary, and enjoyed snacks.  As a bonus, Rotarian Karen Hough read aloud to the second graders a story that she wrote and published.