The Arnold Rotary Club visited the Preschool building to see the afternoon class.  They brought a book for each of the kids to take home.  Courtney Evans had the class in the palm of her hands as she read a book aloud to them!.  It was titled “The Underpants.”

At the beginning, the Rotary members introduce themselves, and each of us told something about the Rotary projects they have been working on. This year we also gave a reason why we like to read.

After introductions, they presented each of the students his or her book and then sat down to read with them.  The afternoon was capped off with snacks and chat time with the preschoolers.

Then it was time to visit the 2nd grade and do the whole thing again.  That group also each got a book and then the buddies sat down to read with them and discuss how much they like to read.

A big thank you to Ms. Stelling and Mrs. Rotherham for allowing the Rotary buddies to come and visit and enjoy some time with their students.