Project Overview:    Arnold Revitalizing Fountains

The Central Nebraska Interact group is made up of teenagers across the region who want to help their local people and improve their communities.  It is our goal to revitalize the Arnold Recreation Area.  With the growth of algae over the past several years, people are not likely to want to swim in the lake.  Some don’t even want to fish in the area due to the distinct smell.  We would like to safely kill off the algae in the pond using the advice received from the Nebraska Game and Parks representative, and then add three aerating fountains in the lake to keep the algae from coming back and improve water circulation.  This would create a natural utopia at Arnold lake.  This clean-up effort would invite more people to rent the campground spaces, and make the area more beautiful for local events such as the Devils’ Den Motorcycle rally that is held out there.

Benefits to the Arnold Area: 

  1. Reduce algae growth, improve water circulation, get rid of foul smell, and bring in more campers to the area for swimming and fishing.
  2. Make the area nicer for out-of-town visitors and campers.
  3. Help to sell more camp spaces and hopefully bring in those visitors to our local stores while they are staying in the Arnold Recreation area.

ResourcesTo Replicate this Project: